October 9th to 11th
Espace Sylvia Rielle
10 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris

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‘Construct is a series of photographs and the only documentation of four sculptures built and destroyed on the same day. Put together by a collective of creatives from the fashion industry, Construct aims to raise awareness on the urgent need to shift from our linear system to a circular economy model. This artistic project is a collaboration with French photographer and sculpture artist Théo de Gueltzl, set designer Heath Mattioli, the LA based production team Fox&Leopard and ERE’s creative team.
These trying times have inevitably pushed us, designers, models, stylists, photographers, MUAs and all creatives working in fashion to acknowledge the impact of this industry in our lives and on our environment. It is now crucial to envision a post crisis industry without forgetting fashion’s important role in society: it unites people, creates strong connections, offers work opportunities in an artistic environment, permits cultural exchanges and so much more. This momentum of collective responsibility can help shape a better perspective for our industry and emphasize its significant contribution. Immobilism is over, beginning with ourselves.
As the very essence of this project, the ephemeral life and gigantic scale of these constructions reflects the proportion of waste humankind is producing every single day. Each of these sculptures reaches up to 6 meters and they are made of what is considered as waste, from materials that arrived on that very day in a recycling facility in Los Angeles. After being photographed in the back alley of the facility, the sculptures were dismantled and the materials made available again to find a new purpose.
We are accountable for the abundance of materials humankind keeps producing and polluting planet earth. We have reached a point where materials now need to be reused and turned into something useful, protecting the natural resources that sustain us. Through valuing waste, diverting materials before they end up in landfills, we can drastically reduce the production of virgin materials and battle the short life of objects.’

A limited number of prints are available for sale, all profits collected by the ERE endowment fund will be donated to Drip by Drip, the first NGO in the world committed to the fight against water problems in the fashion industry.